Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems often utilising cloud computing, reducing reliance on user owned hardware but increasing reliance on subscription based cloud services. Some of these digital solutions enhance capabilities of traditional software products whilst others are entirely cloud based. Sufficient new features and benefits to encourage users to upgrade, and deliver more frequent updates often using forms of agile software development internally also depict the digital experience. The change to the subscription model also reduces software piracy which is a major benefit. Some of these digital solutions enable in addition to efficiency via automation new types of innovation and creativity, rather than simply enhance and support traditional methods.

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One aspect of digital transformation is the concept of going paperless or reaching a digital business maturity affecting both individual businesses and whole segments. Digital transformation is a major challenge and opportunity. When planning for digital transformation, we consider the cultural changes that confront as workers must adjust to adopting and rely on unfamiliar technologies. Digital transformation has created unique marketplace challenges and opportunities as organizations contend with nimble competitors. Due to the high importance given today to technology and the widespread use of it, the implications of digitization for revenues, profits and opportunities have a dramatic upside potential. Digital experience has become inevitable with everyday e-commerce. With the evolution of digital transformation we have more challenging tasks of avoiding security breaches like theft of debit and credit card numbers as well as the personal information of millions of customers. Dodid strives to improve over the infrastructure with minute details like safe transactional operations, improved customer satisfaction along with data security. Major maintenances of the digital transformation strategy involve the overhaul of organization, and enhancements of highly scalable digital platforms.